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October Rain (2024)

October Rain (2024)

280,00 €Precio

'Writers of history,
Stand by my side (..)
Someone stole the moon tonight,
Took away my light,
Everything is black and white,
Who’s the fool who told you,
That boys don’t cry?'

October Rain, Eden Golan



* This painting is an original hand signed painting
* Limited only 1 original piece

* Ink & Watercolour on paper 180g 24x32 cm (with mat 30x40 cm)

* Frame not included

* Free Shipping - 8-10 business day


* Cette peinture est une oeuvre originale signée, limitée à 1 exemplaire

* Encre et Aquarelle sur papier grain fin 180g 24x32 cm (with mat 30x40 cm)

* Cadre non inclus

* Livraison offerte (8-10 jours ouvrés)

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