Jour 2 (2017)

Jour 2 (2017)

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[Berechit 1:6/7/8]  And God said,  'Let there be an expanse in the midst of the water, and let it be a separation between water and water.' And God made the expanse and it separated between the water that was below the expanse and the water that was above the expanse, and it was so. And God called the expanse Heaven, and it was evening, and it was morning, a second day.

* This painting is an original hand signed painting
* Limited only 1 original piece
* Oil on Canvas  35x51.5 inches
* Frame not included
* Free Shipping in USA (DHL) - 8-10 business day
* Free Shipping in Europe via DHL (10-15 business day)
* Cette peinture est une oeuvre originale signée
* limitée à 1 exemplaire
* Huile sur toile 89x131 cm
* Cadre non inclus
* Livraison offerte via DHL aux USA (8-10 jours ouvrés)
* Livraison offerte via DHL en Europe (10-15 jours ouvrés)

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