Pokerface #1 (2019)

Pokerface #1 (2019)


'Is it over yet? Am I finally alone? I am stuck inside this mindset of what people expect me to be. I wash my makeup off, Can I stop the act now? Is someone still watching me? Why can’t people just accept me for me now? I have made my own prison by growing up to people’s expectations and I cannot break free. But once the makeup is off, I can see me for me. Today is finally the day I could break free, but why won’t my heart let me? I guess I just feel safer with this cage surrounding me, with those barriers keeping me warm. But what has my life came to? A weak woman with a poker face?' - Elsa Encaoua

* This painting is an original hand signed painting
* Limited only 1 original piece
* Oil on Canvas 41x51 cm / 16x20 in
* Frame not included
* Free Shipping in USA (DHL) - 8-10 business day
* Free Shipping in Europe via DHL (10-15 business day)
* Price upon request
* Cette peinture est une oeuvre originale signée, limitée à 1 exemplaire
* Huile sur Toile 41x51 cm / 16x20 in
* Cadre non inclus
* Livraison offerte via DHL aux USA (8-10 jours ouvrés)
* Livraison offerte via DHL en Europe (10-15 jours ouvrés)

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