''Out of everything that I have been given to look at from before, during and after the holocaust, from a pictorial  point of view - I wouldn't even dare say "artistic" out of respect because it has always been undertaken in the greatest suffering - in the last three years, Sandra Encaoua's work touched me more than any other - even commemorative commissions. Her work is so extremely sensitive and so strongly expressive that I became emotional. This is a great gift coming from a true artist." (24/04/2016)


Frederic Gozlan

Realisateur des Documentaires “Auschwitz”-Pologne, “ReiseAusweis”- Allemagne, et “Terezin”-Tchecoslovaquie.

Co-auteur d’une These soutenue a l’Universite Libre de Bruxelles. U.L.B. Belgique. “Les Enfants Juifs nes apres-guerre de parents survivants des Camps de concentration.”

Auteur et metteur-en-scene de la Piece “Kaddish K.Z.”. Frange festival Theater. Acco. Israel

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